Tanks upgrading guide v1.0.2

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Tanks upgrading is one of the most important part of the game, which is the key in passing the story missions and domination in pvp.

At the time of writing of guide, in the game there are 5 classes of tanks:

-Machine intelligence (SC) - scouts got low armor/damage/maneuverability, high speed/view range.

-Light tank (LT) - light tanks available from the beginning. Have relatively weak armor, but good speed and maneuverability.

-Medium tank (MT) - more armor/damage, less speed/maneuverability.

-Heavy tanks (HT) - the first tank you can get on T6. High armor/damage, less speed/maneuverability.

Artillery (SPG) -the biggest range of fire,splash damage, can shoot over obstacles, low speed/maneuverability/armor

Tank destroyers (TD) - a range of a little less than the artillery, but the speed/maneuverability above. Good indicators of frontal armor.

So, from the beginning of the game you get the technique of the first tier (T1), to improve it you need resources in the form of game currency, components, spare parts, gold, for upgrading elite tanks, and in the swapping class for the tanks (LT >MT>HT). The same requirement is in the form of HQ level.

Note: for improving tanks to the next tier, need to learn modifications. For elite equipment modification is not required, but requires gold.

Attention: branch improvement is not linear, you can improvements to change, to change the class of tanks that need gold.

Note: when you change elite tanks(★) on common, you will lose the ability of inverse operations, in the future will be available only common upgrading tree.

Components can be divided into three tiers: normal, rare, elite. They do daily missions, arena, pvp, in-store, as well as when passing the last mission in the chapters of the story.

Parts extracted almost everywhere. With them, you can improve the performance of equipment (after the upgrading to the next stage, improvements are not saved)

At the time of writing the guide, available 8 types of equipment.

The guide will be updated on interesting questions will be answered in the comments.

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